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Tablet Messenger – optimized for Android tablets

Reasons why users love the Tablet Messenger

convenient, versatile, functional

All messengers one app. You can easily switch between all your messengers

always synchronized

You can keep receiving messages on other devices as well

clearly arranged

Use the large display and comfortably type with the large keyboard

All messengers

These messengers are already supported – more will follow...













This is what the Tablet Messenger can do

The Tablet Messenger is a multi-messenger app for Android tablets that comfortably bundles and synchronizes your messages in one app and offers numerous settings

Manage messengers

Add, remove, or mute individual messengers


Change font sizes and zoom into texts or images


Sending and receiving text and voice messages is easy. Notifications for messages received – even if the app is running in the background or the display is deactivated


The Tablet Messenger and all messages are secured with a password. No user data are saved

1.792.476 Users have already installed our app

App screenshots

Gain a first impression of the Tablet Messenger here

Getting started is a piece of cake

Start using the Tablet Messenger in no time

1. Install

Install the Tablet Messenger through the Play Store

2. Select

Select the messengers you want to use

3. Log in

Log into your messengers once

4. Done you will receive all your messages on your tablet as well

App download

Visit the Google Play Store and install the Tablet Messenger

The process

From the idea to the implementation, and the state of things today

1 million installations

July 2021

The first million has been cracked and the second is fast approaching!

90k installations

December 2018

2 months after launching, the Tablet Messenger has been installed more than 90,000 times and boasts 12,000 everyday users


October 2018

The first version of the multi-messenger is launched. To begin with, it supports WhatsApp, Facebook, Skype, and other messengers

The idea

February 2018

Inspired by Jabber and Trillian, the idea emerged of developing an Android app that bundles messengers in one app. The Tablet Messenger was born. The communication center for tablets

Quick help

You can also send us an email.

At the moment, the Tablet Messenger is completely free. In the future, we will incorporate advertising into the free version as well as offering a premium version to allow us to continue developing and improving the Tablet Messenger.

Using encryption, the Tablet Messenger accesses the open web interfaces of various messengers (e.g., for WhatsApp). Additionally, we have developed our own web client which was specially developed for displaying and processing messenger websites.

For us to be able to add a messenger, it must already offer support for web browsers. Over time, we will add as many messengers as possible. Feel free to send us suggestions for further messengers by email.

No, we do not store any messages. Nor are your messages sent via our server, but instead directly through the server of the respective messenger. At no point do we have access to your messages.

You do not need to enter any personal information to use the Tablet Messenger. If you are asked to enter any data, this will take place directly in the respective messenger. At no point do we have access to your data. You can read more about this in our privacy policy.

Yes, all messengers‘ logins and chats run on encrypted HTTPS pages

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App download

Visit the Google Play Store and install the Tablet Messenger